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What’s On

International Cuisine - Cookery Classes

Featuring a dynamic programme of cookery classes with an international focus, with sessions suitable for both beginners and the more advanced

Eazy Vegan Kitchen

Fast food demos featuring fun and creative ideas – easy and straightforward although not necessarily focused on health – and suitable for all abilities

Global Food Court

Handpicked plant-based caterers with cuisine from around the world

Plant Powered Excellence Awards

A unique showcase of brands with new plant-based products

Plant Powered Health

The Main Lecture Hall with talks and presentations on the latest research and development surrounding health and plant-based diets

Plant Powered Lifestyle

Talks looking at everyday topics in relation to a plant-based way of life

Plant Powered Fit for Life

Featuring a number of panels and talks from a selection of athletes and influencers within the plant-based community

Artisan Food - Creative Classes

Learn how to make artisan handmade foods including cheezes, plant mylks, raw desserts and other favourites

Plant Powered Planet

Focusing on environmental health and how plant-based options can help fuel the planet’s recovery; with 1 day summits hosted by The Vegan Society on Saturday and Vegan Organic Network on Sunday

The Vegan Academy

Looking at the history of the vegan social movement, and some of the differences and similarities between veganism and plant-based diets


with music throughout the weekend

The Art of Compassion Project Exhibition

with a showcase of art posters and exhibits dedicated to a plant-based way of life