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Vegan Organic Network at Plant Powered Expo 2020

The Vegan Organic Network (VON), the only organisation in the UK solely dedicated to working for vegan food to be grown the veganic way, will be at Plant Powered Expo 2020, with a wonderful selection of books and free information. Come along to the VON stall and find out more about how to grow your own. There will also be a selection of fresh veganic veg on sale at the stall.

Also make sure to attend the talks and panel on veganic growing hosted by VON in the Plant Powered Planet room on Sunday, offering information on agroecology, permaculture, home growing and community living, providing practical advice on creating abundance while working with nature.

Definition of Veganic: organic fruit and vegetables grown without the use of any animal inputs such as: fish, blood, bone or manure.

Full schedule of talks

11:00 – Matthew Appleby – The Super Organic Gardener: Everything You Need to Know About a Vegan Garden

Matthew Appleby, author of Super Organic Gardener Everything You Need to Know About a Vegan Garden (Pen & Sword 2019), will be speaking about the impact the book has made nationally on vegan gardening.

12:00 – Jon Dale – Getting started in Veganic Growing

Jon will be sharing his journey into Veganic growing for health and wellbeing and giving you tips on creating your own an abundant garden.

1:00 – Jo Kidd – Vegan Organics Kent, the story of an emerging veganic agroforestry project and farm in East Kent

Jo Kidd tells the story of Vegan Organics Kent, an emerging veganic agroforestry project and farm in East Kent: learning as we do – from social entrepreneurs and campaigners to veganic growers and food forest enthusiasts!

2:00 – Graham Burnett – Grow Beyond Greggs – an introduction to Vegan Permaculture

Ecological Veganism is about more than plant-based sausage rolls when these are still part of the corporate global food production system, causing soil degradation, global inequality and contributing to climate change. What food solutions offer futures that care for the Earth, care for People and are truly fair for all?

3:00 – Veganic Gardening Advice Panel

Looking for some expert advice to help with your garden or growing project?

Whether you have a gardening problem or just need some gardening information, our panel of experts will answer any questions you have.

Panel includes

  • Graham Burnett: Permaculture Guru and author
  • Jo Kidd: co-founder of Vegan Organics Kent
  • Jon Dale: experienced allotment grower
  • Matthew Appleby: author of Super Organic Gardener
  • Tony Martin: Editor of Growing Green International

4:00 – Tony Martin – What is the difference between Organic and Veganic?

You don’t eat blood, bones, ground up fish etc , so why would you grow your food in them? Find out more about growing the Veganic way from Tony Martin, Editor of Growing Green International, the magazine of the Vegan Organic Network.

Plant Powered Expo

Plant Powered Expo celebrates the best of plan-based living with 150+ exhibitors and 100 guest speakers hosting a wide range of presentations, panels and cookery demos across 12 featured areas on the weekend February 1st 2nd 2020 at Olympia National.

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