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Plant Based Health Professionals 1 day health summit at Plant Powered Expo

Plant Based Health Professionals UK, a non-profit organisation who provide evidence-based education on whole food plant-based nutrition for optimal health & well-being, have just announced their full lineup of speakers and topics at their 1-day health summit at Plant Powered Expo on Saturday February 1st 2020 at Olympia National.

The summit includes a selection of topics that are suited to both the plant-based curious as well as established vegans, including health tips for transitioning, suggestions for children following a plant-based diet, advice for those active in sports, success stories and meat alternatives. The PBHPUK team will also be available for Q&A’s both after the talks as well as at their stall on the upstairs Balcony of the venue on Saturday 1st February.

Full schedule of talks

11:00 – Rohini Bajekal – Things To Know Before Going Vegan

Skin breakouts, tiredness, unintended weight loss and flu-like symptoms are just a few of the health issues that some new vegans might encounter. This talk by nutritionist Rohini Bajekal focuses on what you need to know about doing plant-based diets right and the key nutrients to be aware of. You’ll learn the tips and tricks to thrive on a whole foods plant-based diet and sustain this way of eating in the long-term.

12:00 – Dr Leila Dehghan – Plant-based nutrition for vegan athletes

What is the best way to fuel your workouts? How much protein do you need? In this talk Leila – who is a passionate martial artist – covers all aspects of sports nutrition for bodybuilders as well as endurance athletes with sample meal plans of real athletes. She discusses how best to recover from workouts and the role of protein supplements in improving your performance.

1:00 – Panel discussion: the anti-inflammatory benefits of a plant-based diet and patients’ success stories

This panel, chaired by Dr Agbim, explores the role of plant-based diets in reversing chronic autoimmune diseases. Our panel includes Dr Serban, a health and life coach, and Kate and Aga, two patients who overcame their arthritis on a whole-food plant-based diet.

2:00 – Elena Holmes – Alternative meats – a quick fix or potential troublemakers?

Vegan numbers are increasing and with this the popularity and demand for meat alternatives. They can save much time and trouble, and taste good, but can we rely on them as staple foods? In this talk you will hear why whole-foods plant-based diet is so important for every vegan.

3:00 – Heather Russell – Vegan nutrition during childhood

During this session, Heather will share what she has learned about childhood nutrition whilst working at The Vegan Society. Topics like balancing food groups and the roles of fortified foods and supplementation will be explored from under-fives to teens.

4:00 – Carmela Arturi – Transition to a healthy plant-based diet

Today, many people in the Western World are starved of nutrients, but not food. Carmela explains the ‘what, why and how’ of a plant-based diet and discusses her decision to eschew animal products. Using startling personal photographs, she illustrates her own surprising recovery to full health.

Plant Based Health Professionals UK’s goals

  • To educate health professionals and the general public on plant-based nutrition and other lifestyle interventions, and
  • to provide evidence-based recommendations for public policy on nutrition, diet and lifestyle.

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