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International Cuisine Cookery Classes showcase makings of multicultural plant-based dishes

One of the main challenges in switching to a plant-based diet might be replacing our animal-based ingredients in our favourite dishes with plant-based ones. For some dishes it might just mean swapping meat, cream, butter or cheese with plant-based substitutes, whilst for others it could mean a complete rethink of the whole recipe, or it could mean a radical overhaul of our food ingredients at home. What are the best ways of retaining as much of the flavours, textures and soul of traditional dishes without the use of animal foods?

The International Cuisine Cookery Classes at Plant Powered Expo are there to help you out, with a selection of inventive chefs presenting a variety of traditional dishes from a number of cultures around the world, that are 100% plant-based. Taking place over both days Feb 1-2 of the event at Olympia National, these cookery classes give you a number of tips and hints for kickstarting your plant-based cooking journey to either satisfy your own taste buds or entertain guests at dinners or parties. Suitable for beginners as well as the more advanced.

Area sponsored by PlantBased Magazine

Area hosted by Nishma Shah, founder of Shambhu’s vegan caterer

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11:00 – Rice up your Life
by Kimberley Wu

Grain Guru is the new kid on the block. Born out a small home kitchen in West London, founder, Kimberley wants to upgrade your rice!

Piloting this year’s Plant-Powered Expo International Culinary stage: Grain Guru will be showing you some best rice cooking practices and a full day’s worth of food using rice mixes from their new collection. Hybrid Asian cuisine with a vegan twist: rice will never taste the same after this demo.

12:00 – Vibrant Flavours of South East Asia – Rendang (coconut dry curry dish)
by Ania Wojtkowska

Ania is Singapore based vegan foodie. On a daily basis she runs plant-based cooking classes, supper clubs and vegan educational workshops. She’ll demonstrate how to prepare an Asian favourite “Rendang” – a rich and creamy dry curry packed with protein and flavours.

1:00 – A Valentine’s Celebration & a Raspberry & Caramel Trifle
by Danielle Maupertuis

Danielle will demonstrate how to create yummy & fantastic-looking desserts by using some of the main vegan substitutes used in making pastry. These desserts will be:

1. A Valentine’s celebration with a heart pomegranate cheesecake.
2. A Classical English raspberry and caramel trifle.

This demo is sponsored by KoKo Dairy Free.

2:00 – Cauliflower and Potato stuffed Parothe
by Gurpreet Kaur

Parothe are an absolute staple in punjabi food and these are by far my favourite. They’re nutritious, delicious and the perfect way to set up for a slow Sunday. You’ll see how easy it is to make the atta (dough) the filling, and most importantly – make sure they’re rolled out evenly!

3:00 – Ethiopian Cuisine
by Woin Tegegn

Had the pleasure of trying plant-based Ethiopian food at a street food market yet? Yes? Amazing right. No? Time to get involved! Plant-based Ethiopian food is incredibly creative, healthy and delicious. Join Made In Hackney’s Ethiopian cuisine expert Woin Tegegn to learn the fundamentals of this divine cuisine covering seasoning, staple ingredients, cooking techniques and key dishes to start your journey into plant-based East African cuisine.

4:00 – Veganising Peruvian Classics: Introducing Ceviche & Papa a la Huancaina
by Joana & Melissa Rossi-Cardenas

Chef Melissa will teach you how to prepare two delicious classics of the Peruvian cuisine, the tangy and refreshing Mango Ceviche and the warming and comforting Papa a la Huancaina, while Joana will provide you with some background on the origins of these dishes, the ingredients, where to find them and how to recreate these wonderful flavours!


11:00 – King oyster mushroom carbonara with smoked almond cream
by Anton Petrov

King oyster mushroom carbonara with smoked almond cream. A truly eclectic take on a classic roman dish. I’m going to be showing how to smoke nuts and extracting umami flavour out of mushrooms, resulting in a dish that will confuse even the most demanding carnivore with eats meatiness and richness.

12:00 – Spice it up! Wholesome savoury pancakes
by Nishma Shah

Join Nishma Shah, Chef and tutor of Shambhu’s, as she shows you how to make delicious savoury pancakes (often gluten-free), using a variety of whole-grain and lentil-based ingredients, and boosted with nutritious vegetables and greens. Nishma’s savoury pancakes are among the protein-rich, spice-enhanced, main dishes of her Spice it up! series: Gujarati Indian street food / Mixed daal

1:00 – The Russian Tale & Chocolate & Thai Surprise
by Danielle Maupertuis

In this demonstration Danielle will show how to make the following fantastic desserts:

  1. Chocolate and Thai surprise : chocolate, mango, passionfruit and galangal
  2. The Russian Tale : Raspberry, rose and lychee.

2:00 – Garden Sushi
by Vegan Chef Day

Seeking new ways to make vegan cuisine even more sustainable? Chef Day will show you her creative take on a UK favourite – sushi. Using only UK ingredients, this recipe will show you innovative techniques and chefs tricks that you can take home with you.

3:00 – A Taste of the Caribbean
by Annika Clinkett

We will go on a journey to learn about Ital Food and a bit of history on this type of cooking. We will discover the beautiful spices and vegetables of the Caribbean while learning how to use these to create a rich delicious dish without the use of oil and salt.

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