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Foods for Life plays host to Health Summit at Plant Powered Expo on Sunday Feb 2nd

The brand-new plant-based lifestyle show Plant Powered Expo welcomes Foods for Life who will be hosting a 1 day Health Summit on Sunday February 2nd at Olympia National, looking at some of the research on plant-based diets and health, debunking some of the myths surrounding plant-based living, and offering visitors suggestions and advice on staying healthy without animal-based foods.

The lineup of speakers include

  • Yvonne Bishop-Weston, clinical nutritional therapist for over 17 years who has appeared regularly on TV and in the UK press ever since and most recently on BBC1’s Truth or Scare,
  • VBites founder Heather Mills,
  • nutritionist Gareth Zeal, renowned for his work in sports nutrition,
  • Dr. Gemma Newman, general practitioner who specialises in holistic health, plant based nutrition and lifestyle medicine, and
  • marine biologist Dr. Craig Rose.

Summit taking place in the Plant Powered Health featured area of the show on the upper floor of Olympia National

Full timetable of talks and panel

10:30 – The importance of algal long chain omega 3 fats
by Heather Mills

Qualified in Nutritional Therapy Heather Mills explains why long chain omega 3 essential fats are important for optimum health and the advantages of obtaining them direct from the algal rather than from a second hand source such as fish.

11:30 – Essential iodine and the only natural vegan source
by Dr. Craig Rose

Due to EU countries struggling in their efforts to eliminate iodine deficiency, reports suggest that half of all new-borns in Europe fail to reach their full cognitive potential. Now scientists taking part in the EU thyroid project have signed up to the Krakow declaration of iodine. Dr Craig Rose explains the importance of iodine in our diets for optimal function of a variety of body systems and the most useful, convenient sources of this vital nutrient.

12:00 – What the papers say (latest) – Vegan Fake News, Fact or Fiction?
by Yvonne Bishop-Weston and Gareth Zeal

Yvonne Bishop-Weston (BBC1 truth or scare) and Gareth Zeal advisor to Quest debunk Vegan scare stories in the UK press and give you the facts about tweaks for a plant-based / vegan diet that can help optimise your health and performance.

1:00 – Nutrition, microbiome and your mental health – what is the link between your gut and your brain?
by Dr. Gemma Newman

Dr Gemma Newman explains the links between what you eat, the importance of your digestive health, bacterial microbiome and your physical and mental wellbeing.

2:00 – Plant Based Family Health
by Yvonne Bishop-Weston

Yvonne Bishop-Weston will discuss how to bring up children on a plant based vegan diet not just safely but also to be optimally healthy – the basic rules, best hacks and what to watch out for.

3:00 – Plant based Gamechanging – Enhancing life, performance and recovery on a plant based diet
by Gareth Zeal

Ex-weightlifter Gareth Zeal explains how to take advantage of the plant-based leaps in performance and recovery that top athletes and sports personalities are now discovering in their droves.

4:00 – Expert Health Panel – All your health questions answered by our panel of doctors and health and nutrition experts
Panellists: Yvonne Bishop-Weston, Dr. Gemma Newman, Gareth Zeal
Chaired by Yvonne Bishop-Weston
Compered by vegan chef Tony Bishop-Weston

Seen something in the press or on social media you need an answer to? Need a succinct polite answer to anti vegan nonsense? From babies to ripe old age and wild adventures in between – Yvonne Bishop-Weston will be collecting questions throughout the day.

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