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Climate Summit hosted by The Vegan Society at Plant Powered Expo

The Vegan Society, the world’s original vegan outreach group, will be hosting a selection of talks at their upcoming climate summit, discussing a variety of topics in relation to climate change and how plant-based options can play a key role in alleviating its impact, on Saturday February 1st at Plant Powered Expo at Olympia National.

The Vegan Society’s summit will be taking place in the Plant Powered Planet area, one of the key areas of the show looking at the relationship between our lifestyle choices and the planet and how plant-based options can help fuel the planet’s recovery. With the Climate Summit, The Vegan Society aims to provide tips and solutions to alleviating the impact of climate change via dietary changes.

Full schedule of talks

12:00 – Tim Thorpe – Climate Crisis: the need for a plant-based future

Tim will talk about the impact of animal agriculture and the role of land-use change in the climate crisis. He’ll discuss the barriers that must be overcome to transition UK farming towards a plant-based system, and how The Vegan Society is helping to address these through its campaigns and policy work.

1:00 – Dr Laila Kassam – Transforming our food system: Power, paradigms and people

Our global food system is a key driver of injustice and unsustainability. Challenges such as hunger and climate and ecological breakdown are all connected. This talk will explore these connections by looking at where power lies in the food system. It will share lessons from alternative agriculture paradigms on how to address these challenges. It will then suggest ways we can harness the power of people and social movements to create a food system that is sustainable and just for all.

2:00 – Sabrina Ahmed – Catering for Everyone – how public procurement can help mitigate the climate crisis

Sabrina will be discussing how the public sector has a role to play in encouraging healthy and sustainable diets, to help build familiarity with sustainable plant-based food. She will be discussing The Vegan Society’s Catering for Everyone campaign and the progress that has been made towards ensuring vegan food on every public sector menu, with practical insights for campaigners and lobbyists to help support the campaign, drawing on successes in Portugal and California.

3:00 – Alexandra Clark – Policies to promote plant-based diets: advocacy for change

In this talk, Alexandra will draw on her experience in the world of politics and share her knowledge of of how to influence political dialogue. Find out what effective policies would look like, and how we can promote them to politicians.

4:00 – Dr Helen Harwatt – Eating away at negative emissions

Nearly a third of the UK is grazed pasture land, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Helen will talk about her research into converting pasture land to native woodland, and the huge opportunity this could bring for capturing carbon as part of our response to the climate crisis.

The Vegan Society stall

Not only will The Vegan Society be hosting a series of talks at the Summit, they will be exhibiting their VEG 1 Multivitamin on the Ground Floor, on both days of the show.

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